The Comprehensive Advanced Medical Program of Spanish (CAMPOS) is an enrichment program offered to entering students who have intermediate to advanced Spanish fluency. It is designed to run concurrently with the traditional curriculum. The goal of CAMPOS is to graduate more students who can independently care for the increasing number Latino patients in North Carolina. CAMPOS students have special electives that they are encouraged to take, and when possible, are placed in communities with high numbers of Spanish-speaking patients so they can practice their medical and language skills.

The UNC School of Medicine views CAMPOS as one of several strategies to address a critical need in our state: a shortage of linguistically and culturally competent physicians caring for the growing number of Latino patients. The program has a formal application process that is voluntary and relies on student input to make it more responsive to learner needs.

CAMPOS, started in 2004, is an integral component of the UNC SOM and its Hispanic Health Initiative.  It was initially supported by a four-year grant from The Duke Endowment and was developed from collaboration between the Departments of Medicine and Family Medicine at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.