Welcome to Capstone TIPS (Tools for Internship Preparedness and Success)


Please review the Capstone Sakai Site titled:  "SOM Capstone" for all course details.

Capstone is a REQUIRED course for graduation from UNC SOM.  Capstone week will be held April 24 - 28, 2017, from 8 AM - 5 PM.  There will be sessions that require mandatory attendance as well as a requirement for selective hours that can be obtained during Spring semester and Capstone week.

Graduating 4th year medical students should have already received an email from Julie Messina regarding upcoming ACLS and PALS classes.  Initial certification of these courses is required for graduation.   Capstone will provide credit for hours spent during certification of ACLS and PALS held throughout the year.

There are 4 TYPES OF SESSIONS during Capstone all of which have mandatory attendance:

  1. Core Sessions 
  2. Core Sessions that are Mandatory
  3. Selectives
  4. Asynchronous/Electronic sessions: You may choose the environment where you learn best: either at UNC SOM Campus or another site, with electronic materials.

Please note that there is limited space in some sessions. While we will do all we can to accommodate your first choice, which will likely not be possible for all sessions.


Students are expected wear appropriate neat attire for the course.  For the anatomy sessions, we recommend scrubs or an extra set of clothes.