ACLS, BLS, PALS recertification

ACLS and BLS Recertification Information

ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and BLS (Basic Life Support or CPR) recertification happens asynchronously with the course. While BLS and ACLS recertification is not a requirement for graduation (initial certification IS a requirement), most residency programs require BLS and ACLS, and prefer that you to have at least a year remaining of the 2 year certifications at the start of residency. It is up to each individual student to ascertain the necessity for recertification.

Possible exceptions might include:

  • ACLS and BLS certification during your 4th year (via IAC or elsewhere)
  • A residency program that does not require either certification
  • Taking a year or more off for educational or personal reasons prior to residency

Forgoing ACLS and BLS recertification

If you select to NOT attend any of the ACLS sessions, regardless of reason, PLEASE e-mail Jim Barrick ( with the subject line “NOT taking Capstone ACLS”. In the body of the message, please supply your name as listed in SOM records, and best contact information (telephone or email).

Options for ACLS and BLS recertification

  1. ACLS and BLS recertification at UNC offered from December 2013 to April 2014.  Multiple sessions in a one day, 8-hour class. Personal cost: $17.50 (mandatory elearning recertification)
  2. ACLS and BLS recertification via web based elearning. The online portion may be taken at your convenience, and the required skills testing at UNC will be offered. This option will shorten the classroom time to approximately 1 hour (for skills session). Personal cost: $105 (online AHA HeartCode ACLS) + $17.50 (mandatory BLS recertification prior to ACLS recertification)
  3. Confirm that your new residency will not require ACLS (an option for some specialties).
  4. Confirm that your new residency will offer ACLS to you during your first week(s) of internship. Beware, more and more residencies are requiring current certification prior to starting residency.

BLS recertification only

For students who only need BLS, you may do the web-based BLS certification process, and we will have a day for BLS skills checks. Cost: $17.50.

PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) recertification

For those of you going into Pediatric specialties, we will offer PALS in March 2014. Peds and Med/Peds students will have an opportunity for PALS, and it may be possible to offer PALS to other students, depending on scheduling and numbers.  Please contact Jim Barrick ( if interested.