Tracking Hours/ Requirements

The Capstone TIPS course is required for all graduating UNC medical students. Unless granted special permission from the Office of Student Affairs, all students must attend this course.

The course is pass/ fail. To pass the course, students must
1. Attend and actively participate in ALL sessions and work groups.  The required number of hours for Capstone 2014 is 40 credit hours (20 core hours + 20 selective hours).

2. Complete evaluations of each session on one45

3. Complete the course evaluation form at the end of the course

If a student must miss a session, a formal request for Academic Absence must be obtained prior to the missed session. If a last minute emergency arises, students should e-mail Dr. Kenya McNeal-Trice and Mindy Roush explaining the reason for the absence and include their PID number in the e-mail. Any missed work must be made up by the end of the course.