Benefits of Robotic Cystectomy

Robotic Cystectomy - Unsurpassed benefits

The Robotic Cystectomy is simply a more effective minimally invasive procedure in the treatment of bladder cancer for both men and women. With the assistance of the da Vinci® surgical system the surgeon is able to operate without making large incisions, thus preserving vital nerves and muscle tissue. Surgeons are able to surgically dissect and reconstruct the bladder more precisely, thus making the Robotic Cystectomy a rapidly favorable surgical answer to bladder cancer.

Other patient benefits may include:

  • Less post-operative pain and discomfort
  • Shorter hospitalization
  • Fewer noticeable scars
  • Less blood loss
  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Decreased risk of post-operative infections

Robotic Bladder Surgery - are you a candidate?

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