About Us

N.C. Children's Center for Clinical Excellence (CCE) was formed in May 2008 to provide a sustainable quality improvement (QI) infrastructure at N.C. Children's Hospital. Many faculty and staff from the Children's Hospital have been local and national leaders in QI. The Center aims to harness this expertise and offer a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to QI within the Children's Hospital. As a Center, faculty and staff will be able to share learning experiences, effective use of resources, and synchronization of goals that will ultimately improve care for all children that are served in the Children's Hospital.

Our core services and functions include:

  • QI projects to implement best practices and evidence-based care, improve outcomes, and assure sustainability of improvements.
  • QI training to teach quality improvement methods and prepare the Children’s Hospital workforce to implement successful QI projects.
  • Patient and Family involvement to include patient and family input into all aspects of care and care improvements at the Children’s Hospital.
  • Outcomes and translational research to improve methods and share new knowledge and innovations with a national/international audience through manuscripts and presentations.
  • Data management, analysis, and feedback to provide data to stakeholders, detect areas for improvement, create change, and share knowledge with others.

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