Pediatric Sedation Excellence

PSE structure diagram

The Pediatric Sedation Excellence program aims to provide a coordinated approach to improving the quality and safety of pediatric sedations at UNC Hospitals.


  • Decrease adverse events (any injury caused by medical care) from pediatric sedations as recorded in the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium (PSRC) database to PSRC benchmark at 5%
  • Eliminate unplanned admissions/increased level of care from pediatric sedations
  • Eliminate Pediatric Rapid Response calls related to pediatric sedations
  • Increase utilization of the PSRC database among units performing pediatric sedations
  • 100% pediatric sedations use end-tidal carbon dioxide, unless contra-indicated
  • Increase satisfaction among patients who receive procedural sedation and their families
  • Parent representation on all committees and projects related to pediatric sedation
  • Increase the percentage of MRI scans completed without use of sedation medication
  • Increase the percentage of MRI scans completed while using distraction technology (MRI-compatible goggles)

For the list of pediatric sedation qualified practitioners, click here.

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PICU family advisors participate in the multidisciplinary advisory group, as well as project teams and focus groups. A recent Six Sigma Green Belt project, which included a family advisor team member, focused on improving daily communication between the PICU care team and patients/families. Click on the image to the right to review their progress.