Pediatric Sedation Committee

This team has been formed to create, review, and update guidelines included in the UNC Pediatric Sedation Policy for Non-Anesthesiologists (ADM 0212) which includes requirements for the high quality patient care management of pediatric patients receiving procedural sedation.


  1. review and approval of provider applications for pediatric sedation credentialing in cooperation with the Office of Medical Staff Services
  2. development and maintenance of training materials for pediatric sedation provider credentialing, and
  3. performance improvement oversight of pediatric sedation including review of sedation adverse events.

The Committee is comprised of members from the Children's Specialty Care Team, Emergency Department, General Pediatrics, Neonatal Critical Care Center, NC Jaycee Burn Center, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Pain, Sedation & Consult Service, Pediatric Pharmacy, Recreational Therapy & Child Life, and Risk Management as well as a Family Advisor.