Pediatric Pain Sedation and Consult (PSC) Service

UNC is home to the only Pediatric Pain Sedation and Consult service (PSC) in the region. The pain management component of the service was started in July of 2009. One year later, the Sedation and Consult Service was created and the 2 teams joined forces in order to improve safety, efficiency and oversight in pediatric sedations and to provide better inpatient pain management in children.

The sedation and consult portion of the service was established as a safety initiative undertaken by the department of anesthesiology with support from the departments of pediatrics and radiology and the hospital. Under the medical direction of Dr. Janey Phelps, the service provides evaluation and management of nurse administered moderate sedation, consultation of pediatric sedation candidates, and monitored anesthetic care or general anesthetics for high risk pediatric sedations or patients who fail moderate sedation. The service is staffed by pediatric anesthesiologists, two pediatric nurse practitioners, eleven pediatric specialty care sedation nurses, and a clinical support technician. An average of 45 outpatient and inpatient sedations are carried out weekly ranging from MRIs, CT scans, LPs, EMG studies, PICC line placement, among other procedures (click here to see a full list of procedures).

In conjunction with the Sedation and Consult service, the members of the pediatric anesthesia department take part in an inpatient Pediatric Pain Management service under the medical direction of Dr. Karene Ricketts. The pediatric pain service manages children with complex acute and chronic pain needs. Perioperative pain management is a crucial element of the pain service and involves postoperative narcotic management, neuraxial and peripheral nerve catheters, and multi-modal pain management strategies. Patients with chronic pain conditions including functional abdominal pain, cancer-related pain, sickle cell disease and IBD, are also cared for during their hospitalization and are provided outlets for continued outpatient pain management.

Meet the Team

PSC anesthesia


Jennifer Ditto, CPNP-AC
Concetta Lupa, MD
Peggy McNaull, MD
Janey Phelps, MD
Sara Pittenger, MD
Karene Ricketts, MD
Lindsey Torrice, CPNP-AC



Sedation Nurses

PSC Nurse Team

From left: Carol Blum, Matt Remer, Laura MacDonald, Jeff Trot, Rachel Sumrow, Michele Kimmel, Stacey Ferguson, Kara Berneking

Not pictured: Gail Amerson, Kim Runkle, Kelly Taylor, Susan Van Fleet, Jennifer Whitaker

Nurse Manager: Linda Bryant-Hampton
Clinical Support Techs:  Lamont Peppers, Ashley Reece