Requirements and Grading

Below is the information on the grading policy and feedback information for the Critical Care Selective.

Formative Assessment

All students will receive formal mid-course feedback from the course director or their designee, but we also encourage students to seek critique and constructive criticism regarding their performance during their clinical rotations from the attending staff and the house staff with whom they work. This feedback is available from the faculty and chief resident on each rotation during the clerkship and students are encouraged to seek this direct feedback in a timely manner. Students also are encouraged to review their clerkship records during the clerkship. Should the student choose to do so, a meeting with the Clerkship Director can be arranged at the conclusion of the clerkship.

Summative Assessment

The degree to which these clerkship objectives are achieved by the student is determined by evaluating the student's performance within each of the Core Competencies by a combination of specific assessment modalities, including:

  • Review of each student's patient workups and progress notes by members of the attending staff house staff.
  • Interaction between the student and the attending staff and house staff in the clinical care of patients.
  • Ongoing assessment of the student's presentations on rounds and in conferences.
  • Interaction between the student and attending staff and in lectures and conferences.
  • Compilation of the individual evaluations of the student rendered by members of the attending staff and house staff.

The final grade is accompanied by a narrative statement recording the student's overall performance during the clinical rotations.:

*Grading policy starting for the 17-18 Individualization Phase: With the new TEC curriculum, we have introduced a revised grading policy based on Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs). EPAs are tasks or responsibilities you will be expected to perform, without direct supervision, at the beginning of residency. The assessment form consists of 16 items, each scored from 1 to 5. A score of 5 is considered to fully meet the EPA criteria, while a score < than 3 will be considered as not meeting the EPA criteria. You will receive a suggested letter grade from your evaluator. Your performance on the EPAs will determine an EPA-based letter grade. Should there be a discrepancy between your EPA-based letter grade and evaluator letter grade, the overall course director will review and determine final grade.

Your EPA-based letter grade (Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail) will be determined from the sum of your item scores as a percentage of the maximum possible total score (i.e. if all items are scored 5, the sum of scores is 80 (or 100%):

 Honors: > 90%

High Pass: 80-89%

Pass: 70-79%

Fail: < 70%

Here is a sample of the Individualization Phase Comment Assessment Form that will be used for the Critical Care Selective starting in the 17-18 academic year.