Requirements and Grading

Below is the information on the grading policy and feedback information for the Critical Care Selective.

Mid-Course Assessment

All students will receive a mid-course evaluation form on one45 during the second week of the rotation. It is the student's responsibility to solicit feedback from a preceptor of their choosing and complete this self-evaluation form. The Mid-Course evaluation form will be due by the end of the third week of the rotation.

Final Grade Information

The degree to which these clerkship objectives are achieved by the student is determined by evaluating the student's performance within each of the competencies on the Individualization Phase Common Assessment Form (CAF) and by a combination of specific assessment modalities, including:

  • Application of knowledge base and critical thinking to patient care
  • Review of documentation (required note types are course specific)
  • Student interaction with faculty, residents and staff
  • Student interaction with patients and families
  • Student interaction during scheduled education activities (course specific)
Honors: > 89% CAF score or >79% CAF score with "Honors" recommendation by evaluator
High Pass: 80-89% CAF score
Pass: 70-79%
Fail: < 70%

Other criteria to achieve Honors for the Critical Care Selective include:
  • Completion of course orientation attestation form by end of the first week
  • Completion of 4 education modules from Society of Critical Care Medicine (In order to Pass the Critical Care Selective, at least 2 modules must be completed). More information will be sent about the modules in an email from the coordinator.