General Objectives:

1. To provide all medical students with practical learning experience in the recognition and care of critically/acutely ill patients.

2. To provide a multidisciplinary educational review of fundamental physiologic and clinical principles for the care of critically/acutely ill patients.

General Approach:

Fourth year medical students are required to take a one-month selective in the Department of Surgery. To satisfy the selective requirements, students may choose an elective from the course list and will also be required to attend didactic seminars on critical care/acute care during the month of the selective (or complete an equivalent educational activity approved by the course director).

Instructional Approaches:

All courses depend on clinical interactions with patients in the critical care units, specialty surgical practice settings, or other selected acute care settings. Students participate in all service activities including rounds, lectures, procedures, and case management. Seminars on critical care is given by the site director or their designee at least weekly. All students are required to attend these, or an equivalent educational experience approved by course director.

Course Directors:

Course Director Sofia Aliaga, MD
Site Director, Asheville Mark Hellreich, MD
Site Director, Carolinas Medical Center Patricia White, MD

The contact information for the coordinators at the off-campus sites can be found here. Please contact them if you have any questions regarding your rotation at Asheville or CMC.

Course Selection:

Students should select options from one of the areas listed in the 2014-2015 online curriculum. Choices should emphasize an area where the students seek to further knowledge or enhance a career choice.