Maren Fund

Maren Fund

The Thomas P. Maren Graduate Student Fund in Physiology

Thomas P. Maren (1918-1999) enjoyed a long and productive scientific career, published over 300 papers and was an active academic until his death at the age of 81. He graduated from Princeton in 1938 with a degree in chemistry and worked briefly at a pharmaceutical firm until his love of literature drew him back to Princeton in 1940 to pursue a PhD in English literature. World War II interrupted his studies just short of completing his MA and because of his pharmaceutical experience he was assigned to the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health to work on anti-malarial drugs. He stayed to complete an MD degree and next joined the Chemotherapy Division of the American Cyanamid Company where he began a life-long interest in the enzyme carbonic anhydrase. He is primarily recognized for his many fundamental contributions to understanding the biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology of carbonic anhydrase and is responsible for developing the inhibitor acetazolamide as the first effective diuretic. In 1953, he moved to the University of Florida to found the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics where he was active until his death. In 1990 Princeton belatedly awarded him his master’s degree in Literature.

His connection to our Department was formed at the Mt. Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Salisbury Maine where he and his wife Emily spent their summers and were friends with our faculty members Drs. Carl Gottschalk and Susan Fellner. Dr. Fellner is a member of the Maren Foundation and secured funds to create the Thomas P. Maren Graduate Student Fund in Cell Biology and Physiology. Because of Dr. Maren’s life-long interest in the written word and Dr. Fellner’s commitment to student mentoring and good scientific writing, the Fund includes a Fellowship in the form of a grant application. The Fund also supports other educational resources.

Components of the Fund:

The Maren Fund will cover all reasonable requests from students in the Cell Biology and Physiology Graduate Curriculum, as suggested below. The Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Committee, with the final approval by the Chair, must approve these expenses as reimbursements.  Please receive approval for use of Maren Funds BEFORE submitting your receipts, to ANY department, for reimbursement.  This will alleviate added accounting work to retroactively change your reimbursement by allowing the funding departments to coordinate payment.

1. Students are encouraged to apply for a maximum of $1,000 assistance to defray the costs of attending a major scientific meeting where they will present their own work, or attend an educational course (e.g. Woods Hole, NIH, etc.). The applicant must arrange other funding sources where possible to cover the full costs. The application process starts with a short letter to the DGS outlining educational/research benefits the activity will provide, an estimate of the total costs of attendance, and the amount to be paid by non-Maren sources.  This letter should be approved and signed by the student's mentor, understanding these are reimbursements not to exceed $1,000.  (typically travel transportation costs, lodging and/or registration fees)

2. Students may request reimbursement for text books, software or other professional development resources that do not exist within the lab nor are readily available and do not exceed $500 in total request  These items should be geared to a particular student’s development and not simply something the lab needs. Again, additional funds may need to be obtained by the student if the Maren funds are used to defray the full costs.  (This request should carefully address why this is not a general lab need item.)

Examples include:

-Endnote or other reference manager software

-Graphic design programs

-Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers, Mimi Zeiger

-Tomorrow's Professor: Preparing for Careers in Science and Engineering, Richard M. Reis

-At the Bench: A Laboratory Navigator, Kathy Barker

3. Other reasonable education-related requests consistent with the goal of the Fund will be considered and must be approved by the Chair, DGS and majority of the Graduate Committee in advance. This reimbursement will not exceed $1,000 and also may be used in combination with other funds the student obtains.  The Chair will decide any unexpected issues pertaining to any policy or dispute.

For any of the above awards, after completing the award event, the student is required to submit a closeout document that describes how the student’s research/training benefitted from and/or was enhanced by the award.

*Please allow at least 30 days for any decision regarding award of Maren Funds.

**Only one category of award/reimbursement will be given to any one student per State calendar year (July 1 – June 30) not to exceed $1,000 total. This date is based on the occurrence of the meeting date, purchase date (e.g. software) or other education related event date.