Daniel Kechele


Daniel Kechele

Caron lab
6330 MBRB


I come from a small town in Michigan and have always been interested in how the body works. I attended the University of Michigan where I received my B.S. in Biochemistry. Throughout my undergraduate career, I worked in Dr. Linda Samuelson’s lab studying gastrointestinal physiology. In 2008, I received a summer research fellowship from the American Physiological Society to study the role of intravenous nutrition on intestinal secretory cell differentiation. This positive research experience swayed my decision to apply to graduate schools. Not being a fan of the long cold winters of Michigan, I decided to come to the “greener pastures” of Chapel Hill and UNC. I did rotations in three different departments, but ultimately decided that my fundamental research interests remained in molecular and integrative physiology.

In June 2010, I joined Dr. Kathleen Caron’s lab where I am studying the physiologic role of RAMP2 overexpression on the lymphatic vasculature and how this signaling system contributes to tumor metastasis. The department has been very supportive and I like the diversity of research and expertise. Outside of lab I enjoy playing sports, exploring the outdoors, and expanding my movie and music collections.