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Figure 1. Identification of SP cells from neonatal mouse jejunum. Hoechst 33342 staining of isolated jejunal mucosa was analyzed by flow cytometry. The SP fraction was analyzed further by sorting with FITC-labeled CD45 antibodies to distinguish cells of hematopoietic origin. From Dekaney et al. (2005)



Figure 2. In situ hybridization of transcripts differentially expressed in the CD45–/SP cells. Hybridization patterns of representative transcripts that are enriched (A and B) and deenriched (C and D) in the CD45–/SP cell population relative to intact jejunum are shown. Transcripts enriched in the CD45–/SP cells, such as Notch1 (   4-fold; A) and Fgfr3 (   4-fold; B) localize to the crypt base/stem cell zone, while deenriched transcripts such as Mtf1 (   4-fold; C) and Pcp4 (   4-fold; D) localize outside of this zone. From Gulati et al. (2008)