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Recent Publications:

Garrison, A.P., C.M. Dekaney, D.C. von Allmen, P.K. Lund, S.J Henning and M.A. Helmrath. (2009) Early but not late administration of Glucagon-Like Peptide-2 following ileo-cecal resection augments putative intestinal stem cell expansion. Am J Physiol 296: G643 - G650.

McLin, V.A., S.J. Henning, and M. Jamrich. (2009) The role of the visceral mesoderm in the development of the gastrointestinal tract. Gastroenterology 136: 2074 – 2091.

Dekaney, C.M., A.S. Gulati, A.P. Garrison, M.A. Helmrath, and S.J. Henning. (2009) Regeneration of intestinal stem/progenitor cells following doxorubicin treatment of mice. Am J Physiol 297: G461-G470.

Dekaney, C.M., D.C. von Allmen, A.P. Garrison, R.J. Rigby, P.K. Lund, S.J. Henning, M.A. Helmrath. (2008) Bacterial-dependent up-regulation of intestinal bile acid binding protein and transport is FXR-mediated following ileo-cecal resection. Surgery 144:174-181.

Gulati, A.S., S.A. Ochsner, S.J. Henning. (2008)  Molecular properties of side population-sorted cells from mouse small intestine.  Am. J. Physiol.  294:G286-294.

Dekaney, C.M., J.J. Fong, R.J. Rigby, P.K.Lund, S.J. Henning, and M.A. Helmrath. (2007) Expansion of intestinal stem cells associated with long-term adaptation following ileocecal resection in mice. Am. J. Physiol.  293:G1013-1022.

Shroyer, N.F., M.A. Helmrath, V.Y.C.Wang, B. Antalffy, S.J. Henning, and H.Y. Zoghbi. (2007) Intestine specific ablation of Math 1 in mice reveals a role in cellular homeostasis. Gastroenterology 132 (7):2478-88.

Helmrath, M.A., J.J. Fong, C.M. Dekaney, and S.J. Henning. (2007) Rapid expansion of intestinal secretory lineages following a massive small bowel resection in mice.  Am. J. Physiol. 292:G215-222.

Yaylaoglu, M.B., B.M. Agbemafle, T.J. Oesterreicher, M.J. Finegold, C. Thaller and S.J. Henning. (2006) Diverse patterns of cell-specific gene expression in response to glucocorticoid in the developing small intestine. Am. J. Physiol. 291:G1041-1050.

Dekaney C.M., J.M. Rodriguez, M. C. Graul and S.J. Henning. (2006)  Isolation of gut SP cells does not automatically enrich for stem cells. Reply. Gastroenterology, 130: 1012-1014.

Dekaney C.M., J.M. Rodriguez, M. C. Graul and S.J. Henning. (2005) Isolation and characterization of a putative intestinal stem cell fraction from mouse jejunum.  Gastroenterology 129:1567-1580.

Agbemafle, B.M., Oesterreicher, T.J., Shaw, CA and S.J. Henning.  (2005) Immediate early genes of glucocorticoid action on the developing intestine. Am. J. Physiol.  288:G897-906.

Oesterreicher T.J. and S.J. Henning. (2004) Rapid induction of GATA transcription factors in developing mouse intestine following glucocorticoid administration.  Am. J. Physiol.  286:G947-53.

Gartner H., M.C. Graul, T.J. Oesterreicher, M.J. Finegold and S.J. Henning. (2003) Development of the fetal intestine in mice lacking the glucocorticoid receptor (GR).  J. Cell. Physiol. 194:80-87.

Hwang, S.T., N.L. Urizar, D.D. Moore and S.J. Henning. (2002) Bile acids regulate the ontogenic expression of ileal bile acid binding protein in the rat via the farnesoid X receptor. Gastroenterology 122:1483-1492.