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Recent Publications:

Meeker, M.L. and P.B. Farel (1997) Neuron addition during growth of the postmetamorphic bullfrog: Sensory neuron and axon number. J. Comp. Neurol.. 389:569-576.

Meeker, M.L. and P.B. Farel (1993) Coincidence of Schwann cell-derived basal lamina development and loss of regenerative specificity of spinal motoneurons. J. Comp. Neurol. 329:257-268.

Farel, P.B. and M.L. Meeker (1993) Developmental regulation of regenerative specificity in the bullfrog. Brain Res. Bull. 30:483-490.

Farel, P.B., S.E. Wray and M.L. Meeker (1993) Size-related increase in motoneuron number: Evidence for late differentiation. Dev. Brain Res. 71:169-179.

Curriculum Materials:

Sulik, K. K. and M. L. Meeker, (2001) "Better Safe Than Sorry: The Biological Basis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Other Alcohol-Related Birth Defects; a Health and Science Curriculum for Pre-Teens and Teens," in field trial.