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Grooman B, Fujiwara I, Otey C, Upadhyaya A. Morphology and Viscoelasticity of Actin Networks Formed with the Mutually Interacting Crosslinkers: Palladin and Alpha-actinin. 2012. PLoS One. 7(8):e42773.

Beck MR, Otey CA, Campbell SL. Structural characterization of the interactions between palladin and α-actinin. 2011.  J Mol Biol. 413(3):712-25.

Shin SS, Armao DM, Burke LM, Kim HJ, Skrzynia C, Otey CA, Semelka RC. Comparison of the incidence of pancreatic abnormalities between high risk and control patients: prospective pilot study with 3 Tesla MR imaging. 2011.  J Magn Reson Imaging. 33(5):1080-5.

Jin L, Gan Q, Zieba BJ, Goicoechea SM, Owens GK, Otey CA, Somlyo AV. The actin associated protein palladin is important for the early smooth muscle cell differentiation. PLoS One. 2010 Sep 22;5(9):e12823

Goicoechea SM, Bednarski B, Stack C, Cowan DW, Volmar K, Thorne L, Cukierman E, Rustgi AK, Brentnall T, Hwang RF, McCulloch CA, Yeh JJ, Bentrem DJ, Hochwald SN, Hingorani SR, Kim HJ, Otey CA. (2010) Isoform-Specific Upregulation of Palladin in Human and Murine Pancreas Tumors. PLoS One. 5(4):e10347.

Endlich N, Schordan E, Cohen CD, Kretzler M, Lewko B, Welsch T, Kriz W, Otey CA, Endlich K; European Renal cDNA Bank Consortium. (2009) Palladin is a dynamic actin-associated protein in podocytes. Kidney Int. 75(2):214-26. Cover article.

Goicoechea SM, Bednarski B, García-Mata R, Prentice-Dunn H, Kim HJ and Otey CA. (2009) Palladin Contributes to Invasive Motility in Human Breast Cancer Cells. Oncogene. 28(4):587-98.

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Pogue-Geile KL, Chen R, Bronner MP, Crnogorac-Jurcevic T, Moyes KW, Dowen S, Otey CA, Crispin DA, George RD, Whitcomb DC, Brentnall TA. (2006) Palladin mutation causes familial pancreatic cancer and suggests a new cancer mechanism. PLoS Med. 3(12):e516.

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