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Recent Publications:

Lu Y, Perl ER. (2007) Selective action of noradrenaline and serotonin on neurones of the spinal superficial dorsal horn in the rat. J Physiol. 582(Pt 1):127-36.

Perl ER. (2007) Ideas about pain, a historical view. Nat Rev Neurosci. 8(1):71-80. Review.

Hantman AW, Perl ER. (2005) Molecular and genetic features of a labeled class of spinal substantia gelatinosa neurons in a transgenic mouse.
J Comp Neurol. 492(1):90-100.

Lu Y, Perl ER. (2005) Modular organization of excitatory circuits between neurons of the spinal superficial dorsal horn (laminae I and II).
J Neurosci. 25(15):3900-7.

Perl ER.  (2004) Current approaches to pathological pain. Bioessays. 26(4):454-6.

Hantman AW, van den Pol AN, Perl ER. (2004) Morphological and physiological features of a set of spinal substantia gelatinosa neurons defined by green fluorescent protein expression. J Neurosci. 24(4):836-42.

Lu Y, Perl ER. (2003) A specific inhibitory pathway between substantia gelatinosa neurons receiving direct C-fiber input.  J Neurosci. 23(25):8752-8.

Light AR, Perl ER. (2003) Unmyelinated afferent fibers are not only for pain anymore. J Comp Neurol. 461(2):137-9. Review.

Lawson SN, Crepps B, Perl ER. (2002) Calcitonin gene-related peptide immunoreactivity and afferent receptive properties of dorsal root ganglion neurones in guinea-pigs.  J Physiol. 540(Pt 3):989-1002.

Grudt TJ, Perl ER.  (2002) Correlations between neuronal morphology and electrophysiological features in the rodent superficial dorsal horn.
J Physiol.  540(Pt 1):189-207.

Grudt TJ, van den Pol AN, Perl ER. (2002) Hypocretin-2 (orexin-B) modulation of superficial dorsal horn activity in rat. J Physiol. 538(Pt 2):517-25.

Shea VK, Cai R, Crepps B, Mason JL, Perl ER.  (2000) Sensory fibers of the pelvic nerve innervating the Rat's urinary bladder.  J Neurophysiol. 84(4):1924-33.