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Stuart AE (2008). Neurons in Action in Action - Educational settings for simulations and tutorials using NEURON. Brains, Minds & Media, Vol.3, bmm1401, in: Lorenz S, Egelhaaf M (eds): Interactive Educational Media for the Neural and Cognitive Sciences, Brains, Minds & Media, 2008.

Stuart AE, Borycz J, Meinertzhagen IA. (2007) The dynamics of signaling at the histaminergic photoreceptor synapse of arthropods. Prog Neurobiol. 82(4):202-27. Review.

Thimgan MS, Berg JS, Stuart AE. (2006) Comparative sequence analysis and tissue localization of members of the SLC6 family of transporters in adult Drosophila melanogaster. J Exp Biol. 209(Pt 17):3383-404.

Stuart AE, Gebhardt KA, Vogel SN, Rodriguez O. (2002) Does the neurotransmitter transporter underlie adaptation at a histaminergic photoreceptor synapse? Vis Neurosci. 19(3):307-19.

Stuart AE, Mekeel HE, Kempter E. (2002) Uptake of the neurotransmitter histamine into the eyes of larvae of the barnacle (Balanus amphitrite).
Biol Bull. 202(1):53-60.