2008 News Archives

New faculty member - Andrea Azcarate-Peril, PhD
October 2008 - Please welcome Andrea Azcárate-Peril, PhD
Zylka lab publishes cover article in October 9 issue of Neuron
October 2008
Kathleen Caron named 2008 recipient of Jefferson-Pilot Award
September 2008
Research Day - Poster & Abstract Guidelines
August 2008
Research Day 2008
August 2008 - The 12th annual Research Day held by the Department of Cell & Molecular Physiology will focus on the theme of “Human Neurological Disorders: From Autism to Alzheimer’s."
Alicia Blaker (Mack lab) will present her public thesis defense on Friday, July 11
July 2008 - Physiology graduate student Alicia Blaker will present her thesis on Friday, July 11, at 1:30pm in G202 Medical Biomolecular Research Building.
Graduate students join department labs
June 2008 - New students join Jin, Philpot, Rawls, Tzima, and Zylka labs.
Assistant Professor John F. Rawls is a 2008 Pew Scholar Award recipient.
June 2008
Tzima lab postdoctoral fellow, Zhongming Chen, PhD, recieves American Heart Association Fellowship
May 2008 - Zhongming Chen, PhD, will receive two years of support from the AHA for his project in the Tzima lab.
Philpot to share Simons Foundation grant
May 2008 - Faculty member Ben Philpot to share Simons Foundation grant for study of Ube3a and Angelman syndrome/autism
C&M Physiology meets with The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences
April 2008
Graduate student Sushmita Jha wins Hulka Innovators Award
April 2008
Recent graduate, Nicole Ramocki, receives UNC Impact Award
April 2008
P. Kay Lund, PhD, recipient of University Award for the Advancement of Women
March 2008
Otey lab in the New York Times
March 18, 2008 - How does mutated Palladin contribute to pancreatic cancer?
Otey lab uncovering connections between breast cancer metastasis and palladin
November 2008 - Goicoechea et al publish paper in Oncogene.