Graduate students join department labs

June 2008 - New students join Jin, Philpot, Rawls, Tzima, and Zylka labs.

camp Larsen mccormick rollins schmitt scull voss
Gray Camp Rylan Larsen Maggie
Brett Rollins Chris Schmitt Brooks Scull Meagen Voss


June 2008 - The department welcomes two students from the genetics curriculum—Gray Camp, who has joined the lab of Dr. John Rawls, and Chris Schmitt, who has joined the lab of Dr. Suk-Won Jin—as well as Meagen Voss, who joined Mark Zylka's lab. Meagen comes to us from the curriculum in neurobiology.

First-year physiology students have also selected the labs where they will conduct their dissertation research.  Rylan Larsen will work in Ben Philpot's lab and Maggie McCormick will work with Dr. Ellie Tzima. Brett Rollins' decision is pending and Brooks Scull will continue his work in the Lund lab.