Scott Randell and colleagues awarded an ARRA RC1 Challenge grant

Micro RNA Regulation of Human Airway Epithelial Phenotype

Hammond, Randell and Hayes

December 2009
- Airway epithelial cells respond to injury and are integral to the progression of lung disease. However, many basic mechanisms regulating their function remain poorly understood. There are few specific therapies for disease related phenotypic changes in the airway epithelium. Micro RNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small RNA molecules known to regulate many aspects of cell behavior. The team of Scott M. Hammond, Ph.D., D. Neil Hayes, M.D. and Scott H. Randell, Ph.D., at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill were awarded an ARRA RC1 Challenge grant to comprehensively determine the miRNA repertoire of human airway epithelial cells under disease-relevant conditions and to test the ability of miRNAs to alter cell structure and function. The studies will create a valuable database and will elucidate novel treatments for lung disease.


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