Deborah O'Brien, PhD

Office:  220 Taylor Hall
Phone:  919-962-8105

Lori O'Brien, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research:  kidney development, disease, and aging; transcriptional regulation; epigenetics
Office:  5312A MBRB
Phone:  919-966-1272
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Shoji Osawa, PhD

Associate Professor

Lawrence Ostrowski, PhD

Associate Professor
Research:  cilia, ciliogenesis, and mucociliary clearance, and their role in airway health and disease, including primary ciliary dyskinesia, cystic fibrosis, and  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Office:  6123A Thurston-Bowles
Phone:  919-843-7177

Carol Otey, PhD

Research:  cell motility in embryonic development, wound-healing and cancer metastasis
Office:  5312B MBRB
Phone:  919-966-0273

Gerry S. Oxford, PhD

Indiana University
Phone:  317-278-5808