Scott Randell, PhD

Associate Professor
Research:  airway epithelial biology—stem cells, host defense, and response to injury
Office:  1117 Marsico Hall
Phone:  919-966-8093

John Rawls, PhD

Associate Professor
Duke University
Phone:  919-613-7212

Lola Reid, PhD

Research:  growth and differentiation of stem cells
Office:  32-36 Glaxo Building
Phone:  919-966-4535 

Carla Ribeiro, PhD

Associate Professor
Research:   role of intracellular calcium signaling and the Unfolded Protein Response in the pathogenesis of airway inflammatory diseases.
Office:  1111 Marsico Hall
Phone:  919-966-9733

Guendalina Rossi, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research:  Understanding the mechanisms of vesicle tethering in polarized exocytosis
Office:  4330 MBRB
Phone:  919-843-4995

Aldo Rustioni, M.D.

Research:  glutamate receptors and an understanding of how different subunits of the receptors may contribute to define the quality of somesthesic stimulus
Office:  414A Taylor Hall 
Phone:  919-966-6808