P Kay Wagoner, PhD

Associate Professor

Janice Warfford

Public Communications Specialist
Office:  5200D MBRB
Phone:  919-962-9873
Fax:  919-843-9999

Richard Weinberg, PhD

Research:  structure of synapses and dendritic spines, chemical anatomy of neuronal signaling molecules
Office:  314A Taylor Hall
Phone:  919-843-4380
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Ellen R. Weiss, PhD

Research:  visual signaling in the vertebrate retina; photoreceptor cells and mechanisms of light adaptation
Office:  5340B MBRB
Phone:  919-966-7683

Erika Wittchen, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research:  GTPase regulation of endothelial cell-cell junctions: permeability, leukocyte transendothelial migration, and inflammation
Office:  12-026 LCCC
Phone:  919-966-5783

Mary Wright

Executive Assistant to Chair
Office:  6312 MBRB
Phone:  919-962-3251
Fax:  919-843-9999