Primary Faculty

James Bear, PhD

Research:  molecule-based and unbiased genetic/proteomic approaches to understanding cell migration and other aspects of actin-based motility
Office:   21-223 LCCC
Phone:  919-966-5471

Elizabeth Benson, PhD

Assistant Professor
Phone:  919-966-1904

Matthew Billard, PhD

Director of Research
Office:  6312C MBRB
Phone:  919-966-8340

Jay Brenman, PhD

Professor/Director of Graduate Studies
Research:  genetic models and signaling relevant to metabolic disease and type 2 diabetes
Office:  8109A NRB
Phone:  919-843-3637

Patrick Brennwald, PhD

Research:  cell polarity and vesicle transport in eukaryotic cells
Office:  4312C MBRB
Phone:  919-843-4995

Michael Bressan, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research:  Multicellular organ systems routinely utilize biorhythmic electrochemical oscillators to coordinate and order physiological processes
Office:  6341C MBRB
Phone:  919-843-9455

Alain Burette, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office:  314 Taylor Hall
Phone:  919-966-1277

Keith Burridge, PhD

Kenan Distinguished Professor
Research:  signaling that occurs downstream from integrin-mediated focal adhesions and cadherin-mediated cell-cell adhesions; understanding Rho family GTPases; mechanotransduction; leukocyte transendothelial migration
Office:  12-016 LCCC
Phone:  919-966-5783
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