Graham Diering, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research:  Molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity during sleep, development and disease
Office:  5309B MBRB
Phone:  919-966-1464
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Shengli Ding, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office:  6340C MBRB
Phone:  919-966-0697

Nicole Eggleston

Accounting Technician
Office:  5200H MBRB
Phone:  919-962-9875
Fax:  919-843-9999

James Faber, PhD

Research:  physiologic and genetic regulation of collaterogenesis during development and in ischemic disease; vascular growth and remodeling
Office:  6309A MBRB
Phone:  919-966-0327

Paul Farel, PhD
Susan K. Fellner, MD

Research:   function of renal vascular smooth muscle cells: receptors and signal transduction pathways

Flavio Frohlich, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research:  cortical neurophysiology, computational neuroscience, brain stimulation, epilepsy
Office:  4109F Neuroscience Research Building
Phone:  919-966-4584
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Martina Gentzsch, PhD

Associate Professor
Research:  biosynthetic processing, interactions and intracellular trafficking of the anion channel CFTR and its malfunction in cystic fibrosis
Office:  1121 Marsico
Phone:  919-966-7058

Kurt Gilliland, PhD

Associate Professor/Assistant Dean of Curriculum & Evaluation
Research:  the development of the human lens and the disease cataract
Office:  224 Taylor Hall
Phone:  919-966-1912

Jimena Giudice, PhD

Assistant Professor
Research:  alternative splicing, trafficking, membrane, development, differentiation, transcription, muscle, RNA binding proteins
Office:  6340B MBRB
Phone:  919-962-6260
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