Philpot news

Ben Philpot receives new R01 funding
UNC research tabbed as a top autism breakthrough of 2013
The work of Mark Zylka, PhD, and Ben Philpot, PhD, is featured by Autism Speaks in its list of 10 major advances in autism research in 2013.
Ben Philpot, Mark Zylka, colleagues find potential cause of autism
August 2013 - Findings published in the journal Nature outline the effects that key enzymes called topoisomerases can have on the genetic machinery behind brain development.
Thaxton awarded two-year NARSAD Young Investigator grant
The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (formerly known as NARSAD, or the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression) awards $11.8 million in 200 new two-year grants for young researchers in brain and behavior science.
Study suggests L-DOPA therapy for Angelman syndrome may have both benefits and unanticipated effects
November 2012 - New research from Ben Philpot and colleagues provides a neurological justification for this therapeutic approach, but researchers caution there could be unanticipated effects.
Philpot lab publishes cover story in the journal Neuron
October 2012 - A new activity-dependent role for the protein heavily implicated in autism, Neuroligin-1, identified
Angelman mice show impaired inhibition of brain signals
Philpot lab publication in the journal Neuron outlines how brain cell activity imbalance may account for seizure susceptibility in Angelman syndrome
New research by Philpot lab researchers may have pinpointed an underlying cause of the seizures that affect 90 percent of people with Angelman syndrome (AS), a neurodevelopmental disorder.
Rylan Larsen and Michael Wallace accepted to Marine Biological Laboratory summer courses
Philpot lab graduate students Rylan Larsen and Michael Wallace will attend Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) courses this summer in Woods Hole, Maine, and each has received a scholarship from the MBL.
Philpot and Snider awarded $2 million to study roots of cognitive disabilities
April 2012 -Philpot and Snider will study the cognitive disabilities in patients with RAS/MARK syndromes.
Potential treatment strategy for Angelman syndrome identified by Philpot, Zylka and Roth
December 2011 - Collaborators Ben Philpot, Mark Zylka and Bryan Roth identify compounds that cause the dormant Ube3a gene to be expressed.
Philpot lab news is top news at Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative
December 2011 - Recent work on Ube3a is most viewed on Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative website.
Philpot and Zylka receive R01 grant funding from the National Institute of Mental Health
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) grants Philpot and Zylka an R01 to study drugs that regulate expression of the protein Ube3a.
Philpot lab members receive National Research Service Award funding
December 2011 - Postdoctoral fellow Matt Judson and graduate student Mike Wallace are funded.
Philpot lab members write commentary for Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) explaining connections between autism, Angelman syndrome and the UBE3A gene
July 2011 - Ben Philpot and postdoctoral fellows Angela Mabb and Matthew Judson write commentary for the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) on the role of UBE3A and its connections to autism and Angelman syndrome.
Joint Zylka and Philpot lab paper is cover article in latest Trends in Neurosciences
The labs of Drs. Ben Philpot and Mark Zylka have collaborated on the paper “Angelman syndrome: insights into genomic imprinting and neurodevelopmental phenotypes,” which was selected as the cover article for the June 2011 issue of Trends in Neurosciences.
Larsen and Bortvedt awarded 2011-2012 Fellner Fellowship
The Susan Fellner Fellowship is a one-year, merit-based award available to Physiology curriculum students who have passed the thesis proposal at the time of application.
McCoy awarded postdoctoral fellowship from Autism Science Foundation
Grants from ASF fund grants student/mentor teams conducting research in autism interventions, early diagnosis, biomarkers, and animal models.
Philpot lab publication sheds light on function of NMDA receptors
UNC Researchers Awarded Prestigious Grant for Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders
UNC Researchers Philpot, Zylka and Roth are awarded a prestigious grant from the Simons Foundation for research in autism spectrum disorders