The following services are available:

  • Zebrafish embryos (several wild-type and transgenic lines available)
  • Facilities for zebrafish microinjection and light stereomicroscopy
  • Training for zebrafish embryo handling, microinjection, and light stereomicroscopy
  • Transgenic and mutant line generation:
    ----in 6-8 months
    ----for as little as $700 (prices vary)
    ----using TALEN and CRISPER/Cas9 mediated precise genome editing

Embryos are available Tuesday through Friday, with training available upon request.
Assistance with phenotypic assessments should be prearranged with Dr. Liu.

Fees collected for use of this core facility provide support for supplies, maintenance, and operating expenses associated with the facility.
For more information, please contact the facility manager, .

Reservations for embryos or microinjector use must be made in advance with facility staff, and cancellations must be made at least 3 days in advance.

There are several options available depending on the extent of work performed by the core. UNC researchers can choose any of the following:

Option 1: Core Researchers

  • Require an IACUC protocol
  • Perform their own work
  • Maintain their own mutant and wild type (WT) fish
  • Have unlimited access to all equipment

 Option 2: External Researchers

  • Do not require an IACUC protocol
  • The core provides all fish/embryo handling
  • Receive data and genetic material provided by the core

 Option 3: Embryo Users

  • Do not require an IACUC protocol
  • Only handle embryos
  • Do not need adult fish

In addition, project planning assistance is available to any researcher.