Department and University Resources

The Histology Facility in the Department of Cell Biology and Physiology is designed to provide expertise and consultation on histological and immunohistochemical methods.

    The  primary purpose of the Imaging Facility is to provide Departmental members with state of the art confocal and 2-photon laser-scanning microscopy along with high resolution light microscopy.

    The UNC Zebrafish Aquaculture Core Facility provides zebrafish husbandry and training services to researchers at UNC-CH. This facility operates as an IACUC Satellite Animal Facility with veterinary care provided by DLAM. The Principal Investigator of the facility is Dr. Jiandong Liu.

    The mission of the Microbiome Core Facility is to provide the research community of the UNC- School of Medicine and the state of North Carolina with the facilities and the know-how to characterize complex microbial communities in a variety of environments.

    The Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility is a research microscopy facility in the Thurston Bowles building at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The facility provides standard and advanced digital light microscopy and image processing resources to users from the UNC Chapel Hill campus on a fee for use basis.

    Information on UNC research service center core facilities, including a Searchable Listing of Core Facilities on the UNC campus.