Microscopy Imaging Facility

The Department of Cell Biology & Physiology Imaging Facility is a research facility whose primary purpose is to provide Departmental members with state of the art confocal and 2-photon laser-scanning microscopy along with high resolution light microscopy. The facility houses three laser scanning confocal microscopes, a spinning disk confocal microscope, Fluostar fluorescence plate reader and two image processing workstations. In addition the facility has all the necessary equipment for doing live cell work including the Zeiss environmental chamber which allows CO2 incubation of cultured cells on the stage of the microscope. The facility also houses tissue culture hoods, refrigerators and a water-jacketed, 37° C, CO2 incubator.

The Imaging Facility is open to all users in the University and Corporate community on a fee basis. For the infrequent user, the Imaging Facility provides a completely assisted technical support service. For the trained microscopist, the facility is an available equipment resource. A significant effort is devoted to training investigators who require microscopy techniques to advance their projects. The facility is located on the second floor of Taylor Hall.


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Confocal Microscopy Techniques

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