The Main facility consists of three adjacent rooms in the Glaxo Research Building:

550 sqft Main Aquaculture Room, including:

Zfish 2 Zfish 3
  • 16 Marine Biotech aquaculture racks with a capacity of 3,800 liters and 34,000 fish
  • 13.2 cuft air incubator for embryo rearing
  • balance and stir plate
  • dishwashing station
  • +4°C/-20°C storage
Zfish 1

85 sqft Life Support Room, containing:

Zfish 5

  • carbon/particulate/UV filters
  • automated dosing systems for salt and pH adjustments
  • water pumps
  • Biosystems monitor/controller
  • Millipore RiOS100 Reverse Osmosis unit
  • 750 L water reservoir
  • brine shrimp hatcheries

85 sqft Microscopy Room, equipped with:

Zfish 4
  • three microinjection stations, each with a Leica S6E stereomicroscope and either a Drummond Nanoject II or Sutter Instruments Picospritzer III injector.
  • one Leica MZ16F fluorescence stereomicroscope, equipped with color digital camera and computer.
  • one Leica M205C fluorescence steromicroscope, equipped with high-speed monochrome fluorescence digital camera and computer.
  • a cell transplantation apparatus

The Zebrafish Aquaculture Core facility also includes a separate 100 sqft Quarantine Aquaculture Room, including one Marine Biotech aquaculture rack with capacity of 168 liters and 840 fish.