Zylka news

Joint Zylka and Philpot lab paper is cover article in latest Trends in Neurosciences
The labs of Drs. Ben Philpot and Mark Zylka have collaborated on the paper “Angelman syndrome: insights into genomic imprinting and neurodevelopmental phenotypes,” which was selected as the cover article for the June 2011 issue of Trends in Neurosciences.
Zylka lab postdoc Ian King receives Angelman Syndrome Foundation fellowship
Dr. Ian King is the first recipient of the Dr. Joseph E. Wagstaff Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, a prestigious two-year fellowship award given for studies in preclinical, translational and clinical research areas that investigate all aspects of Angelman syndrome.
Zylka review is cover article for Trends in Molecular Medicine
Dr. Mark Zylka’s review on pain-relieving prospects for adenosine and ectonucleotidases is featured as the cover article in the April 2011 issue of Trends in Molecular Medicine.
UNC Researchers Awarded Prestigious Grant for Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders
UNC Researchers Philpot, Zylka and Roth are awarded a prestigious grant from the Simons Foundation for research in autism spectrum disorders
Molecular bandit keeps pain at bay
Mark Zylka and colleagues have identified an enzyme that blocks chronic pain by robbing a major pain pathway of a key ingredient. The enzyme could prevent lasting pain after surgery.
Mark Zylka receives Transformative R01 Grant
Assistant professor Mark Zylka was awarded one of 42 NIH Roadmap Transformative R01 grants for his project Harnessing Ectonucleotidases to Treat Chronic Pain.
Zylka lab finds that Mrgprd enhances excitability in nociceptive (pain-sensing) neurons
The Journal of Neuroscience publishes findings by the Zylka lab, in collaboration with labs at Caltech and the University of Pittsburgh, that the G protein-coupled receptor called Mrgprd enhances excitability in nociceptive (pain-sensing) neurons.