Zylka news

Zylka lab finds interaction between the neural circuits that sense hot and cold stimuli, pain
The research was selected by the journal Neuron as cover story for the April 10, 2013 print edition. Click for complete UNC Healthcare news story.
Mark Zylka featured in Nature news article on drug discovery
December 2012 - Article includes a profile of Zylka's work with collaborator Stephen Frye in a discussion of drug discovery in academic research.
ScienceNews reports on Zylka lab's latest findings about PAP and pain relief
June 2012 - "Shot may top acupuncture for pain relief: Mouse study finds enzyme injection has lasting effects"
Pain relief with PAP injections may last 100 times longer than a traditional acupuncture treatment
April 2012 - Zylka lab publication in the journal "Molecular Pain" outlines the pain relief potential of PAP injections.
Potential treatment strategy for Angelman syndrome identified by Philpot, Zylka and Roth
December 2011 - Collaborators Ben Philpot, Mark Zylka and Bryan Roth identify compounds that cause the dormant Ube3a gene to be expressed.
Zylka lab graduate student Nathaniel Sowa receives national dissertation award
December 2011 - Nate Sowa, an MD/PhD student who conducted his dissertation research in the lab of Mark Zylka, receives the 2011 Council of Graduate Schools/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award
Philpot and Zylka receive R01 grant funding from the National Institute of Mental Health
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) grants Philpot and Zylka an R01 to study drugs that regulate expression of the protein Ube3a.