IRB 11-0803

If you are interested in participating in this study,
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Study Number:

IRB 11-0803

Principal Investigator:

Philip Bromberg, MD


Ozone is a common air pollutant. The level of ozone in the air during warmer seasons in many parts of the country can be as high as 0.07 parts per million (ppm) or even higher for a short period of time. Several recent studies have reported that exposure to ozone air pollution may increase risk of heart disease. These reports have raised concern about whether the amount of ozone allowed to be in the air we breathe should be lowered. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) needs additional information from studies of people like you (healthy, between the ages of 55 and 70) to better understand how ozone might affect the heart and blood vessels

A total of 40 people will participate in this study at this site.


(919) 966-0759 or email or fill out a questionnaire


  • You must be between 55 and 70
  • You must be a healthy person, with no asthma or other illness in a major organ system
  • People with heart disease cannot participate
  • People who currently smoke, or who have smoked for more than 5 years total in their lives cannot participate
  • You must be able to walk on a treadmill

Time Commitment:

11 visits over about 3 months. At least 3 visits are overnight in Chapel Hill in a hotel (paid for by the study), and each of these overnight sessions require 3 days in a row in the research lab


Volunteers completing all study procedures will be compensated up to $2100

Review the Informed Consent Form:

Informed Consent Form

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