Marsico Lung Institute Cores
The Molecular Biology Core
Director: Wanda K O'Neal, PhD, Research Associate Professor
The Histology Core
Director: Kimberlie Burns, Histotechnologist, ASCP
The Michael Hooker Microscopy Core Facility
The Mouse Models Core
Director: Wanda K. O'Neal, PhD; Co-Director: Alessandra Livraghi-Butrico, PhD
The CF Center Tissue Procurement and Cell Culture Core
Director: Scott H. Randell, PhD, Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology and Research Associate Professor in Medicine
The CFTR Functional Analysis Core
Director: Martina Gentzsch, PhD
The Pre-Clinical Core
Director: Martina Gentzsch, PhD; Co-Director: Wanda O’Neal, PhD
The Mucus/Mucin Biochemistry and Biophysics Core
Director: Brian Button, PhD; Co-Investigators: Camille Ehre, PhD, David B. Hill, PhD, and Mehmet Kesimer, PhD
CF Clinical Translational Core
Director: Scott H. Donaldson, MD