Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for funding through CMEP/CFEP?

CMEP/CFEP provides funding for medical and brief child/family evaluations for children and adolescents who are actively being investigated by Child Protective Services (CPS) as possible victims of abuse or neglect.


Is pre-approval required for CMEP/CFEP to pay for evaluations of children?

Pre-approval IS required for Child/Family evaluations (see below for instructions).  Pre-approval is NOT required for medical evaluations (though DSS must have an open investigation on the child and make sure to complete the DSS Form 5143 and the DSS portion of the medical report form prior to the exam).


How do I get pre-approval for a Child/Family Evaluation (CFE)?

You will need to fill out the Authorization Request Form for a Child/Family Evaluation AND the Consent/Authorization form (which is DSS form 5143). Make sure they are completely filled out, and fax them to 919-843-9368. We will fax a response back to you soon, usually the same day. If you have not heard from us within a day or two, feel free to give us a call. We will fax back your approval request to you with your approval number (the "AR#" at the top right corner of the request form) and the number of hours for which you are approved (at the end of the request form). You may then call one of our rostered examiners to schedule an appointment.  (See below for instructions on finding a rostered examiner.) The examiner will want to see a copy of this approval and the consent form.

How can I find an examiner to perform an evaluation for me?

Click on the “Services” link and then “Linkage of DSS to Local Providers.” You will need to call our office at 919-843-9365 to obtain a password.

How many hours of evaluation time will be approved for a CFE?

We approve 15 hours of evaluation time for the first child in the family, 10 for the second and third child in the family and 6 for each child thereafter. We also approve one hour per family for a case conference, which is an interpretive session with the examiner at the end of the evaluation where the examiner will explain his/her findings and recommendations.

What are the criteria for approval for funding of a CFE?

When filling out the  Authorization Request Form for a Child/Family Evaluation, DSS should keep in mind that CFEP is designed to assist county CPS agencies in decision-making and case disposition, including treatment planning.  The CFEP is designed to assist CPS in their investigations of alleged child abuse and neglect by providing forensically-informed mental health evaluations in cases that have not been, or are unlikely to be, determined through the standard CPS investigative process or through medical evaluation.

The case must be in the active CPS investigative stage, and the questions to be addressed in the evaluation should be designed to assist CPS in decision-making and case disposition.  CFEP evaluations are not intended to provide psycho-educational or developmental testing, provide psychological treatment, replace interviews that are typically conducted as part of the medical evaluation or to fund court testimony.  CFEP evaluations are meant to supplement--not supplant--the standard CPS investigative process which typically includes interviews with the child, parental figures and relevant collaterals. A comprehensive physical examination, or CME (Child Medical Evaluation), by a rostered medical provider, is typically considered part of the standard CPS investigative process.  For this reason, requests for a CFEP evaluation will generally not be approved until after completion of the initial stages of the CPS investigation, and the CME has at least been scheduled.  When making a referral, DSS should also keep in mind that CFEP is not affiliated with or specifically designed to aid law enforcement agencies or district attorney offices in criminal prosecutions.

How can I get a consultation on a case I am investigating?

Please call Deb Flowers, RN, at 919-843-9365 and let her know that you need a consultation. She will tell you what information (e.g. x-rays, medical records) she needs you to send us.