Cores relocating to Marsico Hall!

Several core facilities are relocating to Marsico Hall, 125 Mason Farm Road.

Cores relocating to Marsico Hall! click to enlarge Marsico Hall

June 2014

The BRIC Small Animal Imaging Core and the Human Imaging Core have both moved into Marsico Hall.  The waiting area for the Human Imaging area is located in room 1243A (first floor).
Small Animal Imaging is now located in SB210.  

Please contact the cores directly for scheduling information. 
The imaging lab in Genetic Medicine is not affected by the move.

Biomolecular NMR Lab is currently in process of moving, please check with the Director, Greg Young, for more information.

Pharmacy NMR Facility has transferred their Inova 400 and 500 to room SB205A Marsico Hall.  The 400 MR spectrometer is still located in 1035 Genetic Medicine building and is scheduled to move to 3218 Marsico  Hall in mid-August.

Nanomedicines Characterizaton Core Facility is relocating their ICP-MS to Marsico Hall # 2213.

Flow Cytometry Core will be moving fall 2014.

Please check directly with the facilities for scheduling and accessibility during this transition.