OTT Educational Series 2012-2013

Events Listing of the OTT Educational Series 2012-2013

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10-25-12: Protein Production & Structural Biology Resources at UNC 

Structures of macromolecules at atomic resolution have helped to revolutionize modern biology.  Specialized UNC Core Facilities can help you quickly and economically utilize structural bioloby methodologies for your own research.
This workshop will provide information on the UNC Cores that support (large-scale) protein production & purification as well as all aspects of high-resolution structural analyses via computational methods, X-ray crystallography, and NMR spectroscopy, and the resources available for how to meet your research needs.
Presenters will include Mischa Machius, PhD, Director of the Center for Structural Biology, Brenda Temple, PhD, Director of R.L. Juliano Structural Bioinformatics Core, Mike Miley, PhD, Director of the Macromolecular Crystallography Core Facility, and Andrew Lee, PhD, Director of the Pharmacy NMR Facility.


12-7-12: Light Microscopy Resources at UNC

UNC has a wealth of resources for light microscopy based imaging of samples. The directors of three UNC facilities will provide an overview of the broad range of capabilities available to support your research.