Core Facilities Marketing Templates

NC Tracs has provided these brochure and flyer templates for marketing your core facility and core sponsored events.


If you are interested in using any of these templates, please email for more information


Core Facility Brochures

These brochures were created using Microsoft Publisher.  Both templates are 3 column layouts, 2 sided,  for standard size 8.5 x 11 printing


Sample brochure 1: layout shown for the TPL Facility

TPL sample brochure



Another sample layout:

Core Brochure template 2


 Basic Core Flyer

This template is available as a Word doc or Publisher, and is easily customized

 basic flyer template available in Word or Publisher               


Core Event Flyers

sample templates; these are all available in Publisher, the first one is also available as a Word document

image of 3 available flier templates