Facility Operations

Sytems and Programs to assist with core facility operations


Free Procedure and SOP Documents available from FNLCR

The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR) has over 300 procedures and SOP's publicly available.  You can browse the full listing; be sure to check out the documents under Laboratory, Materials and Quality Control headings.  To receive copies of the documents, add to your cart and they will email you a link to the requested documents, all free of charge.


New HR Track for Core Directors

For the SOM to have the strongest research infrastructure for the 21st century and beyond, it must attract and retain the best directors to manage its core facilities and cutting edge technologies. This  document provides the procedures and criteria that guide the appointment and promotion of non-tenure track directors of core facilities. The differences between non-tenure track Core Director positions and other non-tenure track positions mainly lies in the length of contracts available and the focus on the collaborative, managerial (of both technologies and people), and financial aspects of the core director position versus the research and teaching aspects of other non-tenure track positions. These differences are designed to provide more stable core facility services for UNC researchers, a more stable position for the directors of UNC core facilities and a tighter focus on the important aspects of the position when it comes to appointment and promotion of Core Directors.

Non-Tenure Track for Directors of UNC Core Facilities


Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP)

In April 2012, the University launched an equipment Maintenance Management Program as part of the continuing Carolina Counts initiatives towards increasing greater efficiencies and driving down procurement costs.
The University has contracted with Specialty Underwriters and the Remi Group as third party providers to implement this University-wide Program.  Programs of this nature have produced savings from 15 to 25 percent and facilitated better management of the service life of covered equipment.
The program is designed to cover equipment no longer under original warrantee, and for renewals of current maintenance agreements, not to renegotiate a current contract. It is for contractual service or maintenance agreements; it does not cover pay-as-you-go repairs and maintenance expenses.
This is not an ‘all or nothing’ program; you can choose to enroll some of your instruments and not others.
The goal of this program is to lower the cost of your service contracts and reduce paperwork (no PO’s or sole sources required with the EMMP!).   At this time this is not a mandatory program.
There is no obligation attached to meeting with a Company representative to learn more about the program and get a quote for coverage of your instruments.  Please contact UNC Procurement Services for more information.