Cutting-edge Metabolic and Cardiorespiratory Testing Equipment Now Available Through the Nutrition Research and Metabolism Core

The Nutrition Research and Metabolism Core has upgraded their metabolic cart to a state-of-the-art MedgraphicsUltima Series CPX metabolic cart.   The Ultima indirect calorimeter calculates resting energy expenditure and substrate utilization through breath by breath analysis of O2 and CO2.  In addition to the metabolic testing capabilities, the Ultima is used for multiple tests of pulmonary function and in exercise testing.  As the name suggests, the Ultima CPX sits on a mobile cart that can be used in any room of the Clinical Translational Research Center or other locations within the hospital.

Indirect calorimetry is just one of the resources the Nutrition Research and Metabolism Core offers to investigators.  Many obesity research protocols measure resting metabolic rate in conjunction with body composition using their Hologic Bone Densitometer. In addition, the Core’s dietitian and fully staffed metabolic research kitchen implement feeding studies to control any nutrient of interest.  In collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Research Center nursing staff, they are able to implement nutrition research protocols of any intensity.