Neuroscience Center Microscopy Core

Recently acquired imaging systems and upgrades allow for faster, and higher quality automated imaging acquisition and quantitative data analysis

The Neuroscience Center Microscopy Core provides a full spectrum of advanced systems for cellular and molecular imaging of in vitro and in vivo samples. In addition to providing access to high resolution imaging technologies, the Microscopy Core also implements new imaging technologies, provides training, consultation, data analysis, image processing, and centralized technical expertise to support the imaging needs of scientists in the UNC community. The Microscopy Core is supported in part by recharge fees,  the UNC Neuroscience Center grant and the UNC Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center grant.  The facility is open to all UNC researchers and scientists in the research triangle community.

In the past year, the Microscopy Core has added three microscopes and two new high-powered workstations to its lineup.

Figure 1. Olympus FV3000RS: Simple Deconvolution. A maximum intensity z-projection of cells in a mouse brain stained for nuclear DNA (DAPI, blue) and Purkinje cells (green, red). Inset shows the regions indicated at higher resolution. Images courtesy of Justin G. English, Roth Lab.


The new state-of-the-art confocal Olympus FV3000RS microscope features extremely fast and sensitive imaging for live or fixed samples, included cleared tissues or animals. This system also features new customizable and fully integrated acquisition and analysis software including the FV-OSR super-resolution and cellSens 3D deconvolution software modules.