CPD Rounds and Case Conferences

List of CPD sponsored activities

UNC CPD provides CME credit for the following Rounds and case conferences.  This is not an exhaustive list of such activities at UNC School of Medicine, as some activities do not award CME credit.  Please note that some of these activities are not open to the public and/or non-departmental personnel.  For contact information, please call or email (919-537-3811).


  • Anesthesiology Grand Rounds

Campus Health Service

  • Campus Health Service Grand Rounds

Center for Maternal and Infant Health

  • Perinatal Care Conference


  • Dermatology Grand Rounds
  • UNC/Duke Dermatology Conference

Emergency Medicine

  • Emergency Medicine Conference

Faculty Development

  • Academy of Educators Monthly Conference


  • Current Topics in Medical and Human Genetics


  • Cardiovascular Conference
  • Endocrine Conference
  • GI Conference
  • Medicine Grand Rounds
  • Nephrology Conference
  • Rheumatology Conference


  • Child Neurology Conference
  • Neurology Grand Rounds


  • Ophthalmology Case Conference
  • Ophthalmology Grand Rounds


  • Otolaryngology Conference


  • Molecular Case Conference
  • Pathology Grand Rounds


  • Child Airway Conference
  • Pediatric Chair Conference
  • Pediatric Grand Rounds
  • Pediatric Schwartz Rounds
  • Special Infant Care Series

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  • PM&R Grand Rounds


  • Psychiatry Grand Rounds


  • Burn Center M&M Conference
  • CT Surgery Thursday Conference
  • CT Surgery Friday Conference
  • Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Conference
  • Pediatric Surgery M&M Conference
  • Plastic Surgery M&M Conference
  • Surgery Grand Rounds
  • Surgery M&M Conference
  • Transplant Educational Conference Series (TECS)
  • Transplant M&M Conference

Tumor Boards

  • Breast Tumor Board
  • GI Tumor Board
  • Head/Neck Tumor Board
  • Melanoma Tumor Board
  • Parker Conference (Hematology)
  • Pediatric Tumor Board


  • Urology M&M Conference


UNC CPD also provides credit for cancer conferences at Caldwell Memorial Hospital and High Point Regional Hospital.