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Center for Structural Biology (CSB)


Adding structural biology increases the quality of one’s research
Structural insight can complement, and sometimes complete, a picture obtained through biochemistry and cell biology. High-resolution structures can add an enormous amount of information. That information is useful for rationalizing the biochemical behavior of proteins and nucleic acids. Often, long-standing issues in the literature can be resolved.

Discovery through structural biology
While the analysis of high-resolution structures can provide many answers, new questions are often raised. These questions provide a basis for new hypotheses and new projects – and thus for new funding opportunities.

The CSB is open to all projects in structural biology and associated areas
Good collaborations are difficult to establish and maintain. If a researcher can’t establish a good collaboration, or simply wants to drive a structural biology project by herself, the CSB will provide the opportunities to do so.

Opportunity to acquire new expertise
The CSB has a strong educational mission. Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and collaborating investigators are tutored in one-on-one sessions, small workshops and participation of CSB scientists in classroom lectures. The acquired know-how drives new projects in the collaborating labs, allowing a collaborating PI to make structural biology an integral component of her tool chest. Students and post-doctoral fellows obtain experience that will broaden their horizons and provide skills that will be valuable in their own independent careers.

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