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How We Work

Collaborative Model
The chances for a structural-biology project to come to a successful conclusion increase dramatically when CSB staff participates in its science. Only through this inter-disciplinary approach can the most challenging problems be tackled. Constant intellectual exchange between CSB scientists and collaborators ensures an effective flow of information.

CSB scientists are experienced in guiding collaborators through all stages of complex structural biology projects. This working model opens up opportunities for collaborators to acquire new expertise. CSB scientists can co-mentor graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from collaborating labs and serve on dissertation committees. This arrangement also allows investigators to attract students or post-doctoral fellows with experience in structural biology, because adequate mentoring is ensured due to access to CSB resources.

The CSB is an extension of a collaborator’s lab
Like other UNC core facilities, the CSB uses a recharge mechanism for its activities. Fortunately, due to economy of scale and an enormous institutional commitment, the CSB allows researchers to carry out structural biology projects at dramatically reduced costs.

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