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Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography Core Facility (MX)
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MX Director:
Michael Miley, Ph.D.
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Medical Research Building B
CB# 7365
tel: +1-919-843-7174


Outlined below are the fees for our standardized crystallography services. If you are working with and/or have CSB staff conducting experiments on your behalf you will be charged some combination of applicable fees including a staff members time, standard service rates, and consumables that are required for unique, project specific experiments.

 Service UNC UNC LCCC Member

 Crystallization Fees

  • Phoenix – 96 well crystal screen
$43 $40
  • Alchemist generated screen
$44 $40
  • 24 well crystallization plate
$35 $32

 Diffraction Fees

  • ACTOR Beamline
    (4 hour block)
$242 $235
  • RAXIS IV ++ Beamline
    (4 hour block)
$207 $198
  • SER-CAT Usage

$300 $300

 Crystallography Lab Usage (covers LN2,
 Puck and Pin usage and storage, etc.)

$47/hr $29/hr

 Staff Time (consultation, training, etc.)

  • Patti Longo (PEP/MX Technician)

$72/hr 48/hr
  • Michael Miley (Core Director)
$72/hr $57/hr

Consumable Fees

Cost + minor handing fee

Non-UNC users please contact the director about fees.





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