Funding Opportunities

Structural biology projects can be challenging and protracted, often taking months or even years to complete. Most agencies are reluctant to fund structural biology projects if there is not a good likelihood for success. That means that convincing preliminary data need to be generated. In the case of X-ray crystallography, it is usually required to show that well diffracting crystals are at hand. For NMR spectroscopy, it is usually required to show that a well behaved sample is available in sufficient quantities and that initial NMR spectra are of high quality.

Core Facility Pilot Project Awards

Funding that serves as a stimulus for new research initiatives aimed at obtaining sufficient preliminary data to allow new applications for extramural funding is available through Core Facility Pilot Project Awards. These awards are jointly supported by the University Cancer Research Fund (UCRF) and the NC TraCS Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute and support researchers initiating projects using technology in one or more UNC core resources

UCRF Core Facility Pilot Project Awards:

NC TraCS Core Facility Pilot Project Awards:

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