Welcome to the Mac-in-Fac!

Biomolecular Interactions, light scattering, SPR, biosensor, SPR-based biosensor, Proteon, Proteon XPR36, Biacore 3000, analytical ultracentrifugation, Auto-ITC200, ITC, DSC, microcalorimeters, fluorescence plate reader, circular dichroism, fluorimeter, molecular weight determination, DynaPro plate reader, Nanotemper

The Macromolecular Interactions Facility (UNC folks fondly call it the Mac-In-Fac) is a core facility of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It provides instrumentation and resources for biophysical characterization of biological macromolecules and their interactions with cognate ligands. Core instrumentation include: surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based and bio-layer interferometry (BLI)-based biosensors; analytical ultracentrifuges; a spectrofluorometer; differential scanning and isothermal titration calorimeters, including the fully-automated Auto-ITC200; a circular dichroism spectropolarimeter; static and dynamic light scattering instruments; a fluorescence microplate reader; and a nano-DSF (nano-differential scanning fluorimeter). Though the facility was established for use by UNC researchers, we welcome researchers from other academic institutions and biotech companies. The service is strictly on first-come-first-served basis.