Crystallization Services

For all crystallization services a highly pure, monodisperse sample (protein, nucleic acid, complexes) is required. The facility provides all the other necessary components and tools to conduct the experiments.  The Protein Expression and Purification Core is co-localized in the same building and can assist you in generating a crystallography grade sample.

High Throughput Automated Crystallization Screening and Monitoring

High-Throughput (HT) crystallization trials in a multi-sitting drop 96 well format setup with a Phoenix liquid handler

  • High-Throughput (HT) crystallization trials in a multi-sitting drop 96 well tray format setup with a Rigaku Phoenix liquid handler

  • Use as little as 100nl of sample per trial

  • 1 drop per well - 30µl of sample for first 96 trials (100nl/trial), 15µl for each additional 96 trials

  • 3 drops per well– 75ul of sample for 1st plate, 50ul each additional plate. 2:1, 1:1, 1:2 protein to well ratios for the 3 drops

  • Each set of experiments (one 96 well tray) takes about ~10minutes to set up

Crystal Growth Optimization

Temperature plays a very large role in sample crystallization. Our facility is equipped with numerous incubators to provide users with a lot of experimental options for optimizing crystal growth

  • A walk in 4 Celsius room that is equipped with a Leica Stereo microscope and small work area

  • 3 full sized temperature controlled incubators set permanently at 20, 16, and 12  Celsius.

  • A half sized incubator that is meant for users who wish to freely experiment with temperature

Dynamic Light Scattering

We have a 384 well plate based Wyatt DLS instrument that is available to assess the polydispersity of your protein sample. A value of 15% is considered excellent for crystallization.

UV Fluorescence and White Light Imaging of Crystallization Drops

We have a Jansi UVEX microscope that will provide UV fluorescent imaging of a crystallization experiment. It can readily distinguish between protein and salt crystals. It is equipped with a high end camera so you can acquire high quality digital images.

The lab is also equipped with a top of the line Leica stereo microscope with a high end digital camera. This is great for acquiring high quality digital pictures of your crystals. The camera also provides 30fps video which is very helpful as a training tool when teaching users how to loop and mount crystals.